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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Sep 9, 2021

Have you ever felt resistance in creating content and marketing materials for your services or offers? If you find creating content that speaks directly to your audience and their problems to be difficult, you might have a niching problem.


After struggling with creating content, Serena came to me for help with niching down. She found it really hard to create marketing materials because it felt like she wasn’t talking to one specific person. In today’s episode, I coach Serena through a new perspective on niching. 


If you’re feeling stuck on your niche, this new perspective will help you focus on the transformation you want to provide as opposed to the characteristics of your “who”. I walk you through a line of questioning that could help you identify the real-life, tangible, everyday problems that your target audience is desperate to solve. This is an important episode for every new and aspiring entrepreneur. So tune in, take notes, and let’s niche down together.


Serena helps women by coaching them on their menstrual cycle so they can understand their cycle and live more in alignment. 


Today We’ll talk about:

  • Why niching is not only based on the who (4:32)
  • Identifying what is important to your audience (6:54)
  • Focusing on the tangible, everyday problems (10:11)
  • Finding the most compelling reason why someone should work with you (14:00)
  • Tapping into the larger mission that you’re a part of (16:54)


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