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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Feb 17, 2022

Is it possible to remain clear in your messaging if you offer various services and help various types of people?


That’s the question that Joanna came to me with today. Luckily, Joanna isn’t alone in wondering this. Many people have approached me asking for help navigating this same area. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on finding clarity in your messaging even when you offer an array of services with different target audiences.


I start by consoling Joanna in the fact that her respective audiences won’t be confused in her messaging if she isn’t. We discuss having different messaging for the different offers she has, trusting that her target audience will get it, and how she can speak to the tangible outcomes of her different offers that excite her. If you’re a multi-passionate and soulful entrepreneur who serves different types of clients while struggling to keep your messaging clear and concise, this episode is for you.


Joanna Baroness is a kundalini yoga and breathwork instructor who is also trained as a lawyer and an executive in the corporate world. She works with expanding the subconscious in order to wildly expand people's sense of what's possible while giving them the tools to continually expand their state to connect with their unconscious. 


Today we’ll talk about:

  • Why your target audience won’t be confused with your messaging if you’re not
  • Choosing a destination that excites you and attracting your ideal audience
  • How to know when you’ve tuned in to a good message


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