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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jun 23, 2022

Have you ever felt like your marketing efforts aren’t getting you the results you expected them to? More specifically, are you having to generate leads through outbound marketing, such as pitching prospects in the DMs, instead of allowing your content to attract inbound inquiries from your leads themselves?


This is an incredibly common problem and I’m here to help Alex Tempest (and you) work it out. In today’s episode, I’m sharing some very simple and minor tweaks that you can make in your content in order to increase the number of inbound leads that come through in your comments or DMs. I talk about what you need to do if your call-to-actions aren’t calling in any action, and why speaking to your client results, even if you’re not currently launching, is important. Plus, you’ll want to have a pen and paper handy as I share some simple yet effective content prompts that you can implement right away that’ll shift your lead generation from outbound to inbound.


Alex Tempest is a confidence whisperer. She helps her clients work through imposter syndrome and other confidence issues that stifle their growth in business so they can step into their newfound success.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • What to do if your call-to-actions aren’t calling in any action
  • Why you need to be very specific in your leadership when you want people to take action
  • Simple and effective content prompts to implement
  • Why you need to speak to your client results even if you aren’t currently launching


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