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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Dec 16, 2021

Raise your hand if you are currently or have ever juggled a job or two while building your side hustle. I know the butterflies and jitters you get when the time comes to go all-in on yourself in order to play it big and turn your dreams into reality. Trust me, I’ve been there myself.


Despite what you plan to do, you’ll never feel ready to quit your day job and go all-in on your true passion. But I’m here to tell you that that’s a normal part of the no guarantee lifestyle of entrepreneurship. That’s the hurdle that my guest, Gabriel Keczan, is approaching me with. 


In today’s episode, I share my own story of taking risks, playing it big, and going all-in on my business despite how terrifying and uncertain it was. I also share the aftermath of having done so. I also walk Gabriel through the small things that are challenging to do, and why he should face them and claim his platform. 


Finally, we discuss the process and mindset around finding innovation through your own initiations - a concept that many in the coaching industry struggle with no matter what niche they’re in. This is a really beautiful episode that I cannot wait to share with you. So plug in your headphones, tune in, and get ready to feel inspired.


Gabriel Keczan is a men’s coach based in Canada. He helps men transform into warrior kings and step into a deeper purpose that requires more courage and power.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • Creating from an inspired place and being where you want to be right now (10:49)
  • Owning and claiming your platform on a daily basis (14:38)
  • Why you’ll constantly be challenged as a teacher and coach (24:20)


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