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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Nov 18, 2021

Transitioning from corporate into your own coaching business? This powerful episode is for you. Whether you’re coming from corporate or you’re just starting out in the coaching space, I know what it’s like to operate in your analytical brain only to have it prevent you from flourishing and flying in the coaching space.


My guest today is Kate. And today, I’m coaching her through getting visible, feeling powerful, overcoming her limiting beliefs, and stepping into her business. We also talk about some strategic elements around her social media presence, lead generation, and overcoming the things that served her very well in one arena that she now needs to let go of in order to succeed as a coach. This is an episode all about stepping into your power and finding your voice as a public figure. Tune in, get inspired, and start taking your voice to the virtual world’s stage with confidence.


Kate Walker is a coach and founder of Kate Walker Executive Coaching. She spent most of her career working for a global iconic corporation. She has since stepped out of corporate and is in the process of finding and establishing her voice as a coach and a public figure.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • How to find your voice in a way that feels aligned and comfortable as a public figure (6:23)
  • Two reasons why new coaches might feel blocked with visibility (9:50)
  • Dropping into your current reality and power (12:48)
  • Rearranging your energy and getting comfortable through practice (14:40)
  • How your offline world and online world support one another (18:45)
  • Why the coaching space is not the corporate world (23:34)


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