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Million Dollar Spirit Business

May 12, 2022

If you’re struggling to book out your 1:1 offer, drive more leads, and grow your private practice, this episode is for you.


I’m speaking with Sofia who finds herself posting and promoting her 1:1 offers on social media yet not receiving the desired interest from prospective clients. We have a straightforward conversation all about how you should talk about and market your 1:1 offer. I share my advice on why your 1:1 offer deserves a concentrated launch strategy, how powerful sharing client results can be, and the two different energies that you can create a middle-ground offer from.


Sofia Adamova is an energetic coach and business mentor. She helps women unlock their true potential in business and life through a holistic approach, so they know who they truly are while attaining mega-success.

Today we’ll talk about:

  • The challenges that Sofia faces when it comes to attracting premium 1:1 clients
  • Taking a more structured approach to promoting and marketing your one on one offer
  • Two different energies around creating a middle ground offer
  • Why you need a concentrated launch for your one on one offer
  • The power of sharing client results and stories


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