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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jul 16, 2021

The most valuable and irreplaceable asset you have is time. There comes a point in every coach’s journey where you’re booked out with one-to-one coaching, but you want to scale. In today’s episode, I’ll be helping my guest, Helena Day, scale her business model by fleshing out a group offer creation with integrity to the client transformation as well as integrity to your energy and boundaries.


I share the different steps to take along the process that brings an idea from an inkling into something with structure so that you can go about and create it. If you’re looking to transition from a one-to-many model, this episode is for you. Tune in as Helena picks my brain on the steps to take when you’re first introducing group coaching into your product offering.


Helena Day is a coach who combines coaching and hypnotherapy together for her clients as they do deep subconscious rewiring work. 


Today We’ll talk about:

  • Figuring out the narrow transformation you want to provide through your group coaching program that’s different from one-to-one coaching (4:13)
  • Preparing your audience to become better clients (7:34)
  • Stepping back and structuring your program’s framework and journey (10:19)
  • How to know if you’re overloading or overwhelming your program in the developing stages (12:25)
  • How much should you prepare before heading into your program (14:16)


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