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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jan 21, 2022

The number one thing most entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to social media is staying and showing up consistently.


That’s exactly what my guest today, Rachida Brocklehurst, wanted to tackle during our mini-coaching session. Unlike most advice that you’ve received about staying consistent on social media, I take Rachida and you through finding and connecting with your “why” of creating content, an online presence, and a personal brand.


Answering that million-dollar question is the key to detaching yourself from the outcomes of social media so that you can truly focus on what matters most. From committing to your creative expression, the importance of the inception point of your content creation process, to counterbalancing the results-driven masculine with your feminine, this episode is for you if you’ve ever ghosted your social media audience and struggled with the content creation process as a whole.


Rachida is a competence and success coach who helps high-achieving women manage everything without falling short on their goals and productivity.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • The completely different mindset of being an entrepreneur and working in corporate
  • Committing to your message, audience, and not the outcome of social media
  • Why the energy of the point of inception of your content is where your client meets you


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