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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Mar 4, 2022

The secret to a successful business is unshakeable consistency, but what do we do if we aren’t feeling motivated to show up? Even high powered, high achieving, and exceptional entrepreneurs like you can suffer from dips in motivation, so here’s how to shake it off and feel inspired again. 


My guest, Johanna M, came to me in a transition stage from corporate to entrepreneurship struggling with staying focused and motivated without imposed structure. I share that as an entrepreneur, the roadmap for success is totally different from that of corporate and we have to take the pressure off of ourselves to “get it right”. We dive in and find out that Johanna may also be lacking some direction, which can impact energy and motivation. 


In this episode, I share what it means to stop giving away our power to external forces and instead create internal anchors that help us stay focused and motivated. We uncover the times when Johanna feels creative and in a flow state and how she can begin to create that on a day to day basis. We discuss the importance of consistency and why we have to find the tools and support to help us show up every day to complete the needle-moving tasks in our businesses. 


Johanna M is a yoga instructor and life coach who recently transitioned from her corporate job. You’ll often find her in the outdoors and since moving from Ireland to Canada in 2016, you’ll most likely find her on a mountain somewhere and practicing yoga. Sometimes both at the same time


Today we’ll talk about:


  • Why even top-performing entrepreneurs struggle with motivation from time to time
  • How to identify your internal anchors that keep you motivated no matter the external circumstances
  • Why you have to stop getting distracted by fonts and logos and start showing up for the humans you want to serve in order to gain clarity and direction
  • The value of working with experts to create a roadmap for your business


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