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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jul 9, 2021

Have you ever thought about creating a VIP Day?  Do you wonder what to include, or even, how a VIP Day fits into the product suite of your business?  


Get your creative juices flowing by listening to this episode as I help one lucky entrepreneur with a challenge they’re facing in their business. So grab something to write with and get ready for some clear, actionable takeaways that you can use right now.


In this episode, I’m talking with Ellie Drabik, an Online Business Manager and Business Coach who helps 5, 6, & 7 figure entrepreneurs build soul-aligned businesses using heart-centered marketing, about how she can structure and price her VIP Day offer.


Today We’ll talk about:

  • Why having a narrow scope for a VIP Day is key  (8:10)
  • How to prepare clients for their VIP Day experience  (10:56)
  • Thinking about your client’s next steps in your sales funnel  (15:56)


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