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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jul 30, 2021

Is your signature program ready to transition from a live launch model to an evergreen one? That is the question that my guest, Jackie Simek, brought to me today. After live launching her signature program a couple of times, she’s now wondering if an evergreen model is her next move.


In this episode, I walk you through 3 major points of considerations so you can strategically set up your evergreen program in a safe and effective way. I also discuss some telltale signs of whether or not you’re ready to transition into an evergreen model. If you feel like your signature program is ready to go evergreen, this episode is for you. Tune in and take notes so that you can make a strategic and well-informed transition.


Jackie Simek is a mindset and business coach who helps women in business step into their next level power activation through the magic of mindset strategy, quantum, and feminine energetics.


Today We’ll talk about:

  • Why Jackie is excited about transitioning her signature program into an evergreen model (5:01)
  • Why evergreen programs are an ongoing conversation (8:25)
  • Upleveling your container and setting boundaries on your responsibilities (11:42)
  • Little things to strategically support the implementation of the evergreen model in a safe way (14:42)
  • How to market an evergreen program when the doors are always open (17:09)
  • How to onboard clients into your evergreen program (20:02)


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