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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Feb 4, 2022

My guest, Denise, came to me wanting help clarifying and polishing her messaging. However, throughout the episode, we learn that she didn’t really have a messaging issue. Instead, she had a mindset block that made her believe that her messaging wasn’t good enough.


In today’s episode, I share why Denise’s messaging is polished and powerful, and that her thinking that her messaging doesn’t properly encapsulate all that she does is a major mindset block. I coach her through this mindset piece, feeling sufficient in her business, how to breathe color and life into her messaging, all while highlighting why her messaging is more polished than she thinks.


Denise Fitzpatrick is a former working therapist turned marriage and relationship coach. She works with women and couples by helping them better their relationships.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • Why this isn’t a messaging issue but an underlying mindset block
  • What good messaging is supposed to do
  • How stories and personal experiences can breathe life into your messaging


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