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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Sep 23, 2021

Can love and money coexist in your life? Could you possibly run a successful business while also having a thriving and healthy relationship? This is the juicy question that my guest Alexandra Holovitz brought to me today.


The idea that things are “too good to be true” is a limiting belief that stops you from recognizing the abundance you already have in your life. It also puts up a barrier for all the goodness you still want to attract. In this episode, I give Alexandra (and you) the much-needed confirmation that you are not at the mercy and whim of your limiting beliefs. I discuss what upper limiting is and how you can put the power back into your own hands by finding the everyday evidence of the abundance you’re already attracting. 


If you’re ready to overcome your limiting beliefs, whatever they might be, this episode is for you. Tune in as Alexandra gets vulnerable as we unpack the process of shifting your limiting beliefs, attracting abundance, and digesting the goodness that you receive.


Alexandra is a tantric sexuality coach and hypnotherapist for high-achieving men. She helps them access their sexual energy so they can thrive in the bedroom and the business as well.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • Can love and money coexist in life and how this belief is holding Alexandra back (2:36)
  • What is upper limiting and how to put the power back in your own hands (8:28)
  • Finding everyday proof that your abundance is already happening (13:08)
  • Digesting goodness and receiving the abundance you attract (16:41)


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