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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Sep 2, 2021

Your messaging can work some serious magic. Not only can you attract the right clients to your offer through your messaging, but you can also create your ideal clients with it. In today’s episode, I walk my guest Abi through what messaging is and what it isn’t.


If you’ve been tuning in for a while, you know that messaging is my zone of genius. I love messaging, tweaking, getting inside someone's business, and figuring out how they can really communicate the value of what they do. So tune in and take notes as I walk Abi and you through how your messaging can relate, attract, and create your ideal clients.


Abi is a plant-based chef who bridges the gap between healthy and pleasurable. She’s on a mission to show millions of health conscious people around the world how they can really cook for themselves and live in alignment with their value of health.


Today We’ll talk about:

  • Why your messaging is not your mission statement (5:37)
  • Connecting the dots in your messaging for your ideal clients (10:21)
  • Looking at the bigger picture that is your ideal client’s focus (11:24)
  • Creating behavior and belief shifts through your messaging (17:42)


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