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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Apr 29, 2022

Wouldn’t it be great if your content immediately attracted the attention of customers who were ready to buy from you?


Today Lulu comes to me to ask about the best types of messaging and content to call in buyers who are ready to actually make a purchase. We discuss the foundation of the best types of content to create, and how to integrate your personal story into your content. 


We also discuss why it’s important to self-reflect and recognize the areas in which you’re playing small in your content, and how if you want to call in clients who are ready to buy, you need to sell continuously. We talk about why not selling often is a disservice to your audience and why you need to train your audience to buy from you.


Lulu Turner is a designer and a full-time Feng Shui consultant who helps her clients with the most advanced form of Feng Shui through online consultations.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • What types of messaging and content turns your audience into buyers 
  • Why your content needs to connect with your buyer on a deeper level
  • The importance of bringing in more of your personal story to your content
  • Why you need to sell more and train your audience to buy from you


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