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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Dec 2, 2021

Like most of my episodes about messaging, my guest and I tend to discover and uncover so much more beyond how to improve their messaging and how to speak directly to their audience.


In this episode with Christina Davis, we unpack so much more beyond the dos and don’ts of messaging. We uncover the different touchpoints in which Christina’s product suite might be missing out on, and how bringing in these offers can help guide her audience down their respective journeys. We also discuss the different ways to unlock her sales potential and how she can sell unapologetically year-round. Then, I share my hot take on why standing out might not be the best thing to focus on, what the true purpose of free content is, and why attracting a small but hyper-aligned audience is the key to sales.


Christina Davis is a digital nomad coach who helps people find their passion-led business so they can actually live a life that isn’t location-dependent.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • The different ways to unlock your sales potential (6:03)
  • How to cater to a huge range of people within your niche through messaging (9:25)
  • Does your messaging need to stand out on social media and the role of free content (14:08)
  • The value of attracting a small, aligned audience when selling unapologetically (21:00)


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