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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Nov 4, 2021

This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the Million Dollar Spirit Business ever. You’re in for a treat today as we embark on a journey that ends with a massive epiphany. My guest on this episode is Snow. 


She approached me with a desire to look at her offer suite as a new coach. We take a look at the different types of programs and the links on how to move people through the customer journey. First, we start by clearing up her initial concerns by diving into the pros and cons of different coaching offers. Then, we move into the real heart of the conversation where we explore the energy of offer creation and bringing something innovative to the marketplace. We also dive into an important conversation about free content and what the purpose of it should ultimately be. Trust me when I say that you’ll walk away from this episode with a lot of golden nuggets and quite possibly an epiphany of your own.


Snow Gross is a stay-at-home mom to two kids and a mom coach who helps moms to reconnect with their life purpose, so they can live a fulfilled life and show up as powerful leaders for their kids.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • The pros and cons of 1:1 vs group programs (6:26)
  • Moving away from cookie-cutter offers and getting innovative in the coaching industry (9:55)
  • Should you rely on emotion or logic in your messaging? (16:17)
  • How to meet your ideal clients exactly where they’re at through your free content (18:35)


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