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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jul 9, 2021

How do you communicate the benefits of your offer when the ROI you provide is non-financial? For coaches in the personal development and spiritual space, communicating the benefits of your offer can be more confusing when compared to that of a business coach or strategist. 


My guest, Liane Elle, had an aha moment in our mini-transformational coaching session about her messaging and her audience, especially given the fact that she's struggling with how to message intimacy, pleasure, connection, and these deeper levels of personal development work. If you’re a coach who deals with ROIs on a soul level, this episode will uncover and unblock a lot of messaging strategies and mindset and energy shifts that you need to sell your coaching at the next level while attracting high-end clients.


Liane is a pleasure empowerment coach who works with coaches, healers, and change-makers. She explores how sensual and sexual pleasure can be used as a portal to their own desires, their truth, and to living a life of power and pleasure so that they’re fueled to go even further with the amazing work that they're doing in the world. 


Today We’ll talk about:

  • Why leaning into pain more than desire in your messaging will attract people who aren’t ready for your services (6:01)
  • How market research will help you solidify your messaging and marketing (9:30)
  • Finding your energetic disconnect and anchoring yourself in a belief to attract the right matches (12:39)


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