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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Jun 10, 2022

Most business owners encounter a moment in entrepreneurship where attracting clients is easy, but scaling and growing their business past a certain income plateau is a challenge.


That is the problem that Geet Taneja and I address today. Geet comes to me looking for guidance on how she can grow and scale her life elevation coaching. She has a goal of including group coaching in her offers, but she struggles with closing the imagined gap between the amazing results she attains with her one-on-one clients versus the results she hopes to achieve in group coaching programs.


In this episode, I walk Geet through the exploration of her expertise as well as her “sub-niches.” I discuss why it’s beneficial to offer different levels of services that provide results in different “sub-niches”, and why that approach is a great way to scale your business with integrity and allow room for client re-enrollment and ascension within your product suite. We also discuss why challenge isn’t an indicator of alignment, simple ways to create passive streams of income, and what the secret is to get people to buy from you on a consistent basis.


Geet Taneja is a life elevation coach and a neuroplastician. She is also India’s first and only Faster-EFT practitioner. Geet helps her clients get in touch with their infinite wisdom so that they can truly find independence.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • Why something being challenging doesn’t mean it’s not aligned to do that thing
  • A simple way to create passive streams of income
  • The secret to getting people to buy from you easily
  • How to build value and support for clients in scaled group programs


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