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Million Dollar Spirit Business

Oct 8, 2021

Every business owner wants to scale and grow. But achieving those milestones require a lot of strategy and behind-the-scenes work. My guest today is Dr. Sarah Coxon. She comes to me looking for help with moving one of her signature programs into an evergreen container.


From honing in on your messaging to attract the right people to validating your data, I’m diving deep into the important strategies around evergreen containers, including how I managed to achieve $1 million in sales with only 130 clients. I share my tips for building a rock-solid foundation from the getgo so you can accelerate your business’ growth quickly. I breakdown what you need to know about messaging in order to attract the right types of clients who are ready to invest. I also discuss why it’s so important to be in the data of your business if you want to grow. If you’re ready to build a sustainable business without feeling overwhelmed with live launches, reinventing the wheel, and churning out product after product, this episode is for you. Tune in for a crash course on business, strategy, and profitability.


Dr. Sarah Coxon is a business mentor for magical priestesses. She helps women to own their priestess magic and build thriving businesses that heal the world. She’s also the author of the book “The Way of the Priestess: a Reclamation of Feminine Power and Divine Purpose”.


Today we’ll talk about:

  • Understanding the messaging aspect of evergreen strategies (5:59)
  • The importance of having a rock-solid onboarding and sales process for evergreen programs (13:58)
  • Having room for creativity through an evergreen program (17:54)
  • Diving into your data and numbers so you can streamline the process (19:30)


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